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LU Murano contemporary chandeliers

The original chandelier “Aria e Fuoco” marked the beginning of an innovative journey. Subsequently, the LU chandelier transitioned into a halogen version, leading to the inception of the LU Murano collection. These contemporary chandeliers are skillfully crafted from Murano blown glass, honoring traditional techniques while embracing modern design aesthetics with their graceful and airy forms. Available in a range of sizes and more than twenty enticing colors, each chandelier in the collection is a distinctive creation that reflects the vision and evolution of Fabio Fornasier. His designs harmoniously blend with current trends and meet the demands of the market.

The LU Murano chandelier collection is the culmination of extensive research, experimentation, and meticulous prototyping. Master Fabio Fornasier was compelled to craft a new genre of modern chandelier that harmonizes contemporary design with traditional assembly methods. The LU Murano collection signifies not an endpoint, but rather the commencement of a fresh expedition towards achieving the perfect fusion of design, art, and technology. From the “classic” chandelier, distinctive products have emerged, including the cLUb modular chandelier and the pendant lamp LUme, each possessing unique and robust identities.

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LU Chandelier

Contemporary Chandeliers

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cLUb chandelier

Modular light fixture

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Wall Lamp - Hanging Lamp

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ilLUsion Chandelier

Light & Sound from glass artwork

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TechnoLUgy Chandelier

From Blown Glass to Carbon Fiber

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Murano Sottovuoto

Conceptual Glass Artwork Chandelier

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