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The original chandelier “Aria e Fuoco” was the starting point of a new path. The LU chandelier has indeed evolved into the halogen version and has given life to the LU Murano collection. Chandeliers made of blown glass, created still according to the ancient disciplines of the craftsmanship, with sinuous and light forms. Available in various sizes and in over twenty different colors, every chandelier of the collection is a unique item that conveys the character and development of Fabio Fornasier, who has always been in step with the fashions and the market’s requirements.

He himself describes the project’s origins thus: “The chandeliers of the LU Murano collection are the result of years devoted to study, experimentation and to creating prototypes. I felt the need to create a different kind of chandelier which was new in design yet in keeping with the tradition in terms of structure and assembly method”. The LU Murano collection, however, has not been a point of arrival but the occasion for a new journey towards the perfect Union among design, art and technology. From the “classic” chandelier have sprouted other products such as the cLUb and the hanging lamp LUme with original and strong identities already in their names.

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