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Chandeliers Worldwide

Champagne Chandelier

Private Residence, Malaysia

A radiant blown glass chandelier from the LU Murano collection graces the dining area of an exquisite Malaysian residence.

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Oil Table Chandelier

Alessandro Borghese - Venice, Italy

Fabio Fornasier’s exquisite blown glass oil lamp casts a warm, inviting glow, adorning the esteemed ‘Il Lusso della Semplicità’ restaurant, where Chef Alessandro Borghese reigns at the Venice Casino.

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Turquoise Chandeliers

Venedia Grancaffe - Hong Kong

Two resplendent turquoise chandeliers from LU Murano adorn Chef Umberto Bombana’s renowned Hong Kong restaurant.

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Glass Artwork Chandelier

Khalilah Yacht - Palmer Johnson

Unveiling a captivating blown glass masterpiece, Fabio Fornasier’s visionary mind has crafted an extraordinary chandelier for one of the world’s most opulent floating residences – the Yacht Khalilah, a 48-meter gem from Palmer Johnson.

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Crystal Chandelier

Mountain Chalet - Dolomites

A LU Murano chandelier adorns the interiors of a private residence, showcasing the versatile blown glass light fixture model cLUb 44 lights, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites.

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Black Chandeliers

Westlake VIllage Inn - California

Blown glass LU Murano chandeliers exude their elegant exuberance as they gracefully preside over the bar area and relaxation room of this sun-drenched Californian resort.

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Colored Chandeliers

Hotel Aquarius - Venice

Twelve distinct chandeliers by LU Murano grace the elegant rooms of this exquisite hotel in the Serenissima. Each piece, unique in color and size, bathes the space in enchanting light, captivating the guests below.

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Chandelier and Lamps

Villa in Manila - Philippines

Intricate glass artworks, crafted by the hands of Fabio Fornasier, grace the opulent living space of a private residence in Manila. A dazzling cascade of LUme pendant lamps hangs alongside a custom-made chandelier, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

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Horizontal Chandeliers

Mountain Chalets - Cortina

Two horizontal chandeliers, one in mirrored tobacco and the other in vibrant red, take center stage in the dining rooms of two mountain chalets reimagined by architect Ambra Piccin.

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Golden Chandeliers

Private Residence - Bologna

Two captivating LU 24 lights chandeliers gracefully descend from the intricately coffered wooden ceiling in this sophisticated Bolognese residence.

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