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LUme Wall Lamp

Wall Lamp
Hanging Lamp
Wall Lamp - Hanging Lamp
Wall lamps pendant light fixtures
Blue and transparent wall lamps
Wall lamps in blown glass
Blue blown glass lamp
Blown glass lampshade for the LUme wall lamp
LUme blown glass wall lamps
Wall Lamp
Hanging Lamp
Wall Lamp - Hanging Lamp

LUme is a blown glass suspension lamp made by Maestro Fabio Fornasier, who is also the designer of the LU Murano chandeliers. It is born from the basic element that makes up the LU chandeliers.

LUme is designed to be used individually or grouped together, even by combining different shades, for a result of great visual impact. It is available as a  wall lamp or ceiling version, depending on your needs.
Please contact us for any information you may require. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

LU-1 gold modern chandelier
LU-2 silver chandelier
LU-3 Amethyst contemporary chandelier
LU-4 red modern chandelier
LU-6 green chandelier
LU-7 light blue chandelier
LU-8 light green modern chandelier
LU-9 champagne chandelier
LU-10 transparent glass chandelier
LU-11 black modern chandelier
LU-12 white chandelier
LU-Murano turquoise blown glass chandelier
LU-15 grey modern chandelier
LU-16 tobacco chandelier
LU-17 mirrored tobacco chandelier
LU-18 modern crystal chandelier
LU-19 violet modern chandelier
LU-20 blue steel chandelier
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