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cLUb chandelier

Modular Chandelier
Modern chandelier in Murano glass
blown glass horizontal chandelier
Horizontal contemporary chandelier
cLUb crystal chandelier
cLub blown glass chandelier
bubble effect horizontal modern chandeleir
Modular Chandelier

The cLUb model of the LU Murano collection is a versatile and captivating chandelier that develops horizontally. It is designed primarily to illuminate bar areas in clubs, restaurants, and hotels with its exuberant elegance. However, in recent years, it has also become popular in private residences as a dining room light fixture.
This chandelier is modular in length, so it can be customized to meet specific needs. Our basic models come with 44, 52, or 60 lights. We have also created custom-made cLUb models with up to 190 lights and a length of over 6 meters.
Please contact us for any information you may require. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

LU-1 gold modern chandelier
LU-2 silver chandelier
LU-3 Amethyst contemporary chandelier
LU-4 red modern chandelier
LU-6 green chandelier
LU-7 light blue chandelier
LU-8 light green modern chandelier
LU-9 champagne chandelier
LU-10 transparent glass chandelier
LU-11 black modern chandelier
LU-12 white chandelier
LU-Murano turquoise blown glass chandelier
LU-15 grey modern chandelier
LU-16 tobacco chandelier
LU-17 mirrored tobacco chandelier
LU-18 modern crystal chandelier
LU-19 violet modern chandelier
LU-20 blue steel chandelier
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