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Air and Fire Chandelier

Air and Fire: A Chandelier of Modernity and Tradition
Oil Chandelier
Transparent chandelier with red oil
Modern chandelier oil lamp
Blown glass chandelier right part
Blown glass chandelier with oil
Oil table chandelier
Transparent table chandelier
Air and Fire: A Chandelier of Modernity and Tradition
Oil Chandelier

Designed and created by Master Fabio Fornasier in 2003, the Air and Fire chandelier is a unique blend of modernity and tradition. It is the fruit of endless research in glass blowing, resulting in a dynamic work that bridges the gap between the needs of the present day and the ancient wisdom of the furnace.
In keeping with the temperament of its creator, the Air and Fire chandelier is both provocative and enchanting. It is a synthesis of simplification and sophisticated elegance, elaborate design and naked essentiality. Classic and aristocratic in character, it is also exuberantly modern and original.
The chandelier’s dynamism and momentum fill the space, while its true transparency reveals the spark of fire within. Every detail is shaped by the hands of the Master, and every element is unique. The blown glass evokes the elements from which it was born: the breath preserved in its volumes, the burning flame, and even the liquid element, which mediates their encounter.
The Air and Fire chandelier is a cosmogonic work, a birth of the world as it could be built with the tools and materials of an ancient furnace. It is a living organism, and its flowery and organic composition gave rise to a new path in design, characterized by slender and sinuous lines, an unheard-of way of using volumes, a surprising knack for finding solutions, and a personality that is both respectful of tradition and irreverent. This unmistakable style is also evident in Fornasier’s subsequent Lu Murano chandelier collection.
A recognized work of contemporary design, the Air and Fire chandelier is currently available in custom-made versions, as is typical of the highest artisan tradition. It is an elegant protagonist of even the most demanding spaces, even in its “table” (on-ground) version, a mobile and versatile solution that retains all the charm of the original suspended model.
These glass buds, modeled by hand one by one, are both classic and avant-garde. They drip light and seduce the eye of all who behold them.
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