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Liassidi Palace Hotel Venice
Liassidi Palace Hotel Venice

IlLUsion, Liassidi Palace Hotel

For the contemporary week in Venice, LU Murano presents the Usion, a work by Fabio Fornasier.
On Tuesday 28 May 2013, as part of the inaugurations of the 55th Venice Biennale, LU Murano presents the Usion for the first time.

IlLUsion design chandelier is a surprise. A magic in a blown glass chandelier in Murano. If LU Murano excites with its design and its light, IlLUsion increases the sensorial perception of an environment.

ilLUsion is a work of art and design, a site-specific installation inside the fifteenth-century Palazzo Zorzi-Liassìdi, where light spreads and dialogues with the space of the Venetian salon, while other senses are involved in the experience. Fabio Fornasier is a designer and master of glass, who produces works of high quality and high artistic value in his atelier in Murano. Research and design, experimentation and contemporaneity: LU Murano is a lighting project that innovates Murano design in materials and production techniques, remaining faithful to the tradition of blown glass chandeliers with an innovative concept of light design.
IlLUsion is presented to the press on May 28 at 12 at Liassìdi Palace. From 6pm onwards, two performances will allow the public to experience the sensory experience of a work of light, glass and harmony.
The work will remain on display until 25 October 2013.

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