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Aria Fuoco
Aria Fuoco

Aria e Fuoco

Transparent, sinuous, bearer of ancient light and entirely unprecedented, hand blown and fashioned at extremely high temperatures, LU Murano chandelier made its debut appearance at Vitraria 2003. This international exhibition has already become a not-to-be-missed event on the glass world’s calendar and comprises a string of shows, performances and conferences held in and around San Vito al Tagliamento in Italy’s Northeast. Master Glassmaker Fornasier was invited to exhibit on the altar of the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti, a central and much cherished venue that also happens to be covered in frescoes. The chandelier is transparent so as not to impede the view of the altar, entirely hand blown and lit with red oil that looks as though it came from the frescoes on the vaulted ceilings. Faint flames flicker, disturbed by the movements of visitors who have never seen anything quite like it. Venturing beyond the contemporary and almost into the realm of the future, this unique and revolutionary work turns the spotlight on the ancient Venetian glass tradition, the Master Glassmaker’s in-depth knowledge of the techniques of his craft, and his creative strength, which successfully binds craftsmanship and contemporary art.

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Dinner with the glass master

At the showroom in Murano

Master Fabio Fornasier welcomed a group of guests to his fascinating furnace on the enchanting island of Murano

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Chandeliers at the Salone dell'Alto Artigianato

Venice Arsenal, Italy

LU Murano’s blown glass chandeliers and LUme wall lamps were displayed at LU Murano’s booth at the Salone dell’Alto Artigianato Italiano

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