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Murano Gallery LUAB 4.0, the new international glass art gallery

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Murano Gallery LUAB 4.0 is a new exhibition area, the outcome of four personalities coming together, driven by their commitment to the artistic glass world and resulting in the renovation of an ancient building, once a furnace, on the island of Murano.

Deeply inspired by the intent of creating and re-launching the quality of Murano Glass in the world, Francesco Scarpa, Ivano Seno, Andrea Perotta and the creative glass master and designer Fabio Fornasier, all together founded the company Murano Gallery LUAb 4.0 Srl.

The gallery is a multi-purpose space of 1000 square meters with five exhibition halls, meeting and conference areas, the furnace, the color room, the cutting and grinding workshop, the kitchen, the outdoor areas, two entrances and a private dock on the Murano Grand Canal.

Not only is it a large furnace and color rooms, but it’s also a place of research and experimentation, where the Murano Glass opens up to dialogue with the international glass also by means of events, dedicated to the art of contemporary glass.

The recent essential and modern restoration has enhanced even more the exposed beams and bricks, along with walls covered by a vertical garden and wooden floors made from old briccole (wooden signals that mark the canals of the lagoon) in the halls and living areas.
Partners of the renovation project are the Tubes company, that supplied its innovative radiators, and the Daniele Manin Shipyard for the installation of briccola wood floors.

Murano Gallery LUAB 4.0 opens its doors for the first time to the public with the exhibition Light Blowing, during the first edition of The Venice Glass Week, an international festival dedicated to glass art which took place in Venice, September 10th – 17th.

Light Blowing is inspired by research of the design of blown glass in the creation of lamps and light fixtures and exhibits the most interesting creations of lit blown glass objects, made by some of the best globally renowned names, both in architecture and design.

The exhibition is a lively conversation with many voices, to tell the complexity and the richness of the glass production nowadays, through the creations of Bomma / Simone Crestani / Esther Patterson for Curiousa & Curiousa / Doris Darling / Fabio Fornasier / Jaroslav Bejvl jr. for Preciosa / VI + M Studio and Karim Rashid for Purho / Studio More / Zaha Hadid, Nendo and Nao Tamura for WonderGlass.

Show Light Blowing

Where: Murano Gallery LUAB 4.0 Srl, Calle Vivarini 6 Murano, Venice.
When: open September 10th, until November 12th 2017.
Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11.00am to 7.00pm.