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Janus, between Past and Future: LUgiano

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From the continuously-evolving creativity of Maestro Fabio Fornasier comes his latest creation: LUgiano, the outcome of an introspective path that has led Fornasier to retrace his own artistic career, from the classic origins to the contemporary creations.

LUgiano (“LUJanus” after the Roman god of beginnings and transitions) is made up of two halves of two chandeliers: a traditional one with leaves and flowers, and a typical LU chandelier. The two parts are united by a mirror which, with its reflections and depending on the viewing point, allows the observer to see one or other chandelier in their entirely. Also the colour choice is between the modernity of black – more suited to the LU chandeliers – and classical gold, used for the decorations.

Here, on one hand LUgiano pays homage to the artistic background of its creator who trained technically according to the classic styles, and the traditional glass processing techniques of Venice’s Murano Island while, on the other, it highlights the achievements that have brought us a new lighting concept: art-works that illuminate.

Also the immense technical issues bear witness to the ability and experience of the Maestro. The weight and the complexity of the assembly required months of attempts and tests, resulting finally in the two half-lights being joined to the mirror without the use of adhesives.

All this has brought us LUgiano, the work of art that – like the two-faced divinity – can behold both the Past and Future of an ancient history, like the history that unites Venice with enchanting glass.