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Fabio Fornasier interviewed by the Cologni Foundation

Fabio Fornasier interviewed by the Cologni Foundation

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I am a curious person, in everything I do, I put myself on the line and experiment. I am a friend of Richard Meitner, an American artist and now a professor in Portugal; he often told me that the Murano technique is beautiful and fascinating, but he repeated to me: “Fabio, you have to simplify”. From this suggestion I started my journey towards contemporary experimentation.

It is one of the fundamental answers of the interview given by Fabio Fornasier to the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation, which highlights the passage that led the Glass Master from tradition to the innovation of glass art.

The interview traces the evolutionary stages of Fabio Fornasier in the profession of master glassmaker, his origins alongside his father at only the young age of 16, the acquisition of the experience and the millennial tradition of Murano glass, until it came to the development of new and contemporary solutions.

Read the full interview Fabio Fornasier craft, design and transparency on the Artistic Crafts Cologni Foundation’s web site